Low Vision Telescopic Glasses

What Are Low Vision Devices?

Low vision devices are specialized tools designed to assist individuals with visual impairments in performing daily tasks and improving their quality of life.

How Do Low Vision Devices Work?

Low vision devices work by enhancing the remaining vision of individuals with visual impairments. They utilize various optical systems and technologies to magnify and optimize images, making them clearer and easier to see.

Devices We Offer:

  • Hand-held/standing magnifiers: Portable magnification tools for reading and close-up tasks.

  • Full-diameter telescopes: High-powered telescopes for distance viewing.

  • E-scoop glasses: Glasses with tinted lenses designed to reduce glare and enhance contrast.

  • Bioptic telescopic glasses: Glasses with small telescopes mounted on top for distance vision.

  • Tele-microscope glasses: Glasses with built-in microscopes for magnifying near objects.

  • Prismatic reading glasses: High powered reading glasses with prism lenses to allow for increased comfort at near.

  • Side-vision awareness glasses: Glasses with specialty prisms added for improved awareness of peripheral vision.

  • Absorptive lenses: Glasses with tinted lenses to reduce light sensitivity.

  • Computer software: Software programs designed to enhance screen visibility for computer users.

  • Video/digital magnifiers/CCTV: Electronic devices that magnify and display images on a screen for easier viewing.

Escoop Glasses for Driving

Escoop glasses are specifically designed to reduce glare and enhance contrast, making them ideal for driving, especially for individuals with early stage vision loss due to conditions like macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Our low vision doctor helps patients maximize their remaining vision with these advanced optics, enabling safer and more confident driving experiences.

What Low Vision Device Is Right for You?

Determining the right low vision device for you requires a personalized assessment by our expert, Dr. Cursaro. During your initial consultation, Dr. Cursaro will evaluate your specific visual needs and recommend the most suitable device to enhance your vision and improve your quality of life.

If you or a loved one is experiencing impaired vision, rest assured that Low Vision Doctors of Ohio is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore the options available to you. We're committed to providing compassionate care and innovative solutions to meet your low vision needs.

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