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LASIK & Sports

How soon can I play sports after LASIK surgery? Can I start swimming soon?

While the initial 2 or 3 days of healing after LASIK surgery is easy for most athletes, there are a couple factors that might delay LASIK surgery for an active player. The next two weeks after LASIK surgery, only light exercising is allowed, such as going to the gym or playing less active sports like tennis or golf. Especially if you play water sports, planned to go to the beach this summer, or simply love to spend time in the pool, you’ll likely to wait even longer to avoid eye irritation.

Avoid Swimming After LASIK Surgery

For most LASIK procedures, a LASIK surgeon creates a small corneal flap at the surface of the eye or the cornea through a femtosecond laser. The LASIK surgeon can then correct your vision. This extremely small incision over the new next few weeks will be sensitive to chemicals like a chlorinated pool or even beach water. Also, chemicals or even sand can lead you to rub your eyes, which can be dangerous in the early healing process.

LASIK surgery means that you can view the water without the need for prescription goggles and swim more freely. Plus, athletes like Lebron James underwent LASIK to improve his performance in 2007-2008. However, certain sports like football or boxing can require a longer rest period after LASIK surgery, since these sports in particular are at a much higher risk for an eye injury.

If you’re considering LASIK this summer, now is the perfect time to visit with our LASIK surgeon for a free consultation. Not only will you have enough time to rest and relax in the nicer part of the year, but you’ll be able to take advantage of the rest of summer with amazing, crisp vision!

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